Information for sex workers in Australia

It is important to be knowledgeable and informed on the laws and rules as an independent escort.

This resource page lists a number of sites to government and non-government organisations and support groups to assist you in staying informed, healthy and safe.

If you know of any other sites that should be added, please email us and it will be added.

Please click on the below links to find relevant information. 

Before creating an advertisement on Mademoiselle xo, it is best to have a read of the information listed below to make sure you are not only abiding by your state based advertising laws, but to also make sure you receive the most out of the subscription you choose.



To advertise in Victoria there are a number of rules that are required to be followed. The following links will provide all the information required to ensure compliance in advertising in Victoria.

To work as an independent escort in Victoria you will require an SWA number.

SWA Number Application

For information on advertising requirements, please visit the this link which has the current rules to follow.

Advertisement Requirements


There are a number of requirements when posting an advertisement for independent escort work in Queensland. The following link provides all the current information to ensure these requirements are met.

PLA Checklist